Do You Tip Bathroom Fitters and How Much?

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Whether you have a brand new home in need of bathroom installation or are working on a renovation, bathroom fitters can make your vision come to life. They install everything, including sinks, showers, tubs, toilets, and even storage. Once the job is complete, you may wonder if a tip should be given for all their hard work.

Tipping a bathroom fitter is not typically done and is often unnecessary. However, if your bathroom fitters go above and beyond the call of duty, monetary appreciation is never frowned upon. The recommended minimum for a tip is twenty dollars per person.

"Above and beyond" sounds vague when it comes to such a clear-cut position as a bathroom fitter. They are there to do one thing, and that is outfit your bathroom to the specifications that you dictate. How can you tell if tipping is the right thing to do? What are some examples of a bathroom fitter surpassing expectations?

Tipping Customs

Tipping not customary $ 20

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  3. How Much Should You Tip?
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When to Tip What Bathroom Fitters

Unlike with other service-based industries where tipping is normal, such as waitressing or roadside assistance, bathroom fitting does not have a specific set of guidelines or expectations when it comes to such instances.

However, there are particular situations where you may feel a gratuity is necessary:

  • They've really worked with you on your project
  • They've taken extra time to make sure everything is perfect
  • They've provided solutions or Referrals for other problems

They've Really Worked with You on Your Project

Fitting a bathroom can be difficult, especially when considering the different systems you want to be installed versus the available square footage to place everything.

If a bathroom fitter really helps to ensure all of your systems have their own space while working within your vision for your bathroom, giving them a tip is a great way of saying, "Thanks."

They've Taken Extra Time to Make Sure Everything Is Perfect

While some call it "perfectionism," others call it "taking pride in your work." A quality bathroom fitter might work hard and take extra time to make sure everything is installed and functional by a set deadline dictated by your contract. Showing your appreciation lets them know that they are doing a great job.

They've Provided Solutions or Referrals for Other Problems

During remodeling or an installation, it's easy to ignore things that aren't within your purview as "not my problem."

If a bathroom fitter takes the time to let you know of potential issues they have noticed that are not exclusive to their field, provided a solution, or even gave you another contractor's information and rates, they are really looking out for you.

Is It Expected to Tip Bathroom Fitters?

It is absolutely not expected that you tip your bathroom fitters upon job completion. In fact, if you do so, it is important that you check with the contractor's company before doing so. At times, if your bathroom fitters have really worked with you on your project, you may want to give them something extra, but their company may not allow it.

As an hourly paid service industry, they are not among the services where tipping is considered the norm. As such, their company may actually set fort rules preventing them from accepting a tip once offered. If there is no available policy online for review, do not hesitate to talk to the company via phone or email before even hinting at a tip.

When Should You Not Tip?

If the company policies do not permit a tip, you should, of course, not tip. You may also want to ask the bathroom fitter if the company policies do allow tips if they would accept one. Some bathroom fitters will not as they do not feel it is necessary. If this is the case, be understanding and respectful of their feelings on the matter.

How Much Should You Tip?

Any tip you offer a service professional is completely at your discretion. Etiquette dictates that the typical tip for a professional within a one-time service industry, such as a bathroom fitter, should be within ten to twenty percent of the final bill total minimum.

This is the minimum, of course, and you can tip as much as you would like, as long as the contractor accepts it.

How Much Does a Bathroom Fitter Earn?

As a trade skill job, bathroom fitters earn on average about twenty-one dollars and fifty cents an hour.

While the salary range is between forty-one and sixty-two thousand dollars a year, the true average is a little over forty-five thousand. This can fluctuate depending on the number of contracts they receive over the course of a year, making some years better than others.

How Can You Give a Tip Without Giving a Tip?

While it is important you know, you are not obligated to give a tip to a bathroom fitter. It is always great to know a good job is appreciated.

If you check with the contractor's company or the contractor themselves and they decline a gratuity, there are still ways to give them a tip without physically exchanging money.

  • Tell them you appreciate them
  • Rehire them in the future
  • Recommend them to others
  • Leave them positive reviews online

Tell Them You Appreciate Them

Sometimes, kind words are the best way to let someone know you appreciate them. For many service professionals, such as bathroom fitters, people expect them to come in, get the job done, and go away after payment. It's rare they get positive feedback! You can really brighten their day by just letting them know that you are happy with their service.

Rehire Them in the Future

Nothing says, "I love your work," more than asking a contractor to come back for future jobs. Many industries rely on return clientele to maintain their success. Never hesitate to ascertain what other jobs a bathroom fitter may handle that you can call upon them for in the future. They will be happy for your business.

Recommend Them to Others

If the bathroom fitters are specialized, meaning they only handle bathroom fittings, then rehiring them may be unfeasible. However, that doesn't stop you from telling friends, family, and neighbors about them. Word of mouth is a staple way of helping a business out. You can send other people to them as leads for their own bathroom fitting needs.

Leave Them Positive Reviews Online

Online reviews are the make or break way to get more jobs nowadays. Potential clients will scour reviews before contacting a bathroom fitter to get their project started. By going online and leaving a positive review on platforms such as Facebook, Yelp, or BBB, you can help the business grow and get more jobs over time.

In Summary

When a bathroom fitter does a great job, you may wish to tip them for their efforts. This is not expected or typical, and as such, you will want to check with the company that the bathroom fitter works with if they have any policies for or against tipping one of their contractors. Remember, bathroom fitters are paid hourly, and accepting tips may be a no-no.

If tipping is ok, always ask the contractors if they will accept a tip from you. They may deem it unnecessary and refuse a tip. Don't be insulted: respect their choice. You can also provide them a non-monetary tip in the form of return work or reviews to people you know or online. This will help their business a ton and can increase their success.

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