Do You Tip Garage Door Installers & How Much?

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Should you tip your garage door installers and how much? Well, I wanted to find out, so I read dozens of polls and forums. Here's what most people do.

Do you tip garage door installers, and how much? You don't have to tip garage door installers, and they don't expect you to. Most people don't tip them. However, installers paid by the big companies don't make a lot, even if they are experienced. When people tip, they generally tip between $10 - $20 per person.

Below I'll go over specific situations in which you could consider tipping the guy, and also what they think of tips themselves.

Tipping Customs

Tippping is customary $ 10 - $ 20

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  2. Here's How Much Garage Door Installers Make
  3. What Garage Door Installers Think of Tips Themselves
  4. Here's Some Examples Where You Shouldn't Tip
  5. In Conclusion

How Much To Tip Garage the Door Installer or Repairman

People seem to have different opinions on tipping any type of tradespeople. They are, after all, paid fairly for the job. So keep in mind that about half of people do seem to tip, and the other half don't. There are other things you could do, like being hospitable, and most people seem to agree that's a great way to go about it.

How much people usually tip

  • On average, people tip $10 - $20 per person per job
  • $20 is considered a generous tip
  • Most people offer drinks and something to eat

Other things you can do:

  • Let them use your bathroom
  • Offer some drinks
  • Provide a place to sit down at lunchtime

This last one is often overlooked, but there are usually no comfy chairs in your garage door. When was the last time you ate your lunch, standing up for 45 minutes? Sitting on the floor then? It's not great. So simply offering some chairs can make a big difference in their workday.

When to tip

  • you regularly work with them
  • good clean up job
  • they are polite
  • employed by a major corporation

You regularly work with them

Tradespeople will remember people who tip them. If you plan on working with them regularly, it pays to pay up. Building a relationship over time is the best way to ensure quality work and high service. The easiest way to go about is to be appreciative (and tip).

They clean up well - leave the job site better than they found it

It's so easy to make a mess and call it done. Some installers, however, understand that cleaning up is part of their job. And so, they make sure to leave the place better than they found it. In my book, we should tip anyone that leaves it better than they'd found it.

They are very polite and positive

I like people to be polite and optimistic, so I reward people that go about their days that way. Tipping is a great way to reward the behavior you'd like to see more of.

People don't tip when ...

Most people don't tip the business owner if he's doing the work himself.

Here's How Much Garage Door Installers Make

  • On average, garage door installers make $16.26 per hour.
  • Inexperienced garage door installers make around $13.50 per hour.

What Garage Door Installers Think of Tips Themselves

Based on job reviews and industry discussion boards:

Door installers get tips about 2 - 3 a month. Tips are generally appreciated. As a garage door installer, you most likely will be hired by a big company. Even with lots of experience, you won't make a lot of money. The hourly pay can be deceiving. Smaller companies tend to pay better. Larger companies tend to underpay (a little). The hourly pay isn't bad; it's just that loyalty and 15 years of experience aren't rewarded proportionally.

Other than tips, bathroom use, some drinks, and a chair for lunch are very much appreciated.

Most of all, appreciation and a good conversation are the best way to thank someone.

Here's Some Examples Where You Shouldn't Tip

  • it's the business owner
  • they let themselves in
  • they mess up your lawn
  • they take 2-hour lunches
  • they take all day for a 3-hour job
  • they smoke in your garage

It's the business owner

Most people don't want to tip business owners. They make their own price, and they take it all home. That may be true, but I think tipping shouldn't be an income supplement. True, sometimes it is (waiters), and that's a shame. Everybody should be paid fairly. It should be a way to show someone you appreciate him/her beyond their pay scale. So I tip when I feel the service they provided was worth more than the hourly wage.

If someone really makes my life easier or better in any way beyond what the job description requires them to do, I consider tipping them, even if it's the business owner. Running a business isn't easy, and it sure as hell isn't cheap.

They let themselves in

Perhaps this sounds odd, but it seems more common than not. Garage door installers, in particular, will let themselves in from time to time. If you don't like that, you could decide not to tip them. However, if they do a great job otherwise, I'd still tip them - only I'll ask them not to let themselves in again.

They mess up your lawn

Some tradespeople leave it tidy, some mess it up. If they three-point-turn their pick up on your lawn, maybe keep the tip for the lawnmower.

They take 2-hour lunches

Some people just don't feel like getting back at it. Which is fine, but I won't reward them for it.

They take all day for a 3-hour job

This ties into the last one. However, there are two types of slow people: just ordinary slow, and perfectionist slow. If they took all day because they wanted to make sure to get it just right, well, alright, I'd probably consider leaving you a tip.

They smoke in your garage

I've heard this happen, and while it's not the worst, it isn't polite either. I mean, you could just step outside. If they ask, that's another story.

In Conclusion

So to recap it: you definitely don't have to tip your installers, but it is much appreciated if you do. I've gone over the cases in which you could consider tipping or not tipping, but in the end, it's up to you to decide. Don't feel guilty if you decide not to - and feel good if you decide to tip.

And remember: appreciation is the best kind of tip out there.

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