Do You Tip Furniture Delivery Drivers - and How Much?

Written by Jim Belt in How Much To Tip

Moving furniture from one location to another can be difficult. Considering the extent that staff go through, you might think about being appreciative by tipping. This article will go over our compiled research and address any queries you might have about tipping furniture delivery drivers rather than just tipping without basis.

Most people would tip an average of $16 and up to $40 maximum, depending on how satisfied they are with the overall service. Tipping is infrequently expected in furniture delivery service because most delivery drivers won't be anticipating one, especially if you have already paid for a premium service.

In this section, a summary of our collected data is shown that you can use on a daily basis. This chart is based on the difficulty of the delivery, size, and complexity of the furniture delivered.

Tipping Customs

Tipping not customary $ 16 - $ 40
Result (considerations) Minimum Maximum
Basic (light, convenient) $0.00 $10.00
Standard (punctual,accommodating) $10.00 $20.00
Exceptional (with special requests) $25.00 $40.00

It makes sense that individuals would pay more for their furniture to arrive safely as it is a luxury for the household. Even if it sounds superb, there are other things that your furniture delivery drivers can do that aren't part of their job scope which make customers more grateful for their service.

Why Is Furniture Delivery Expensive?

In comparison to food delivery and other delivery services, the time and labor required to transport a piece of furniture is significantly greater. Most of the time, a single delivery could not be completed by only one person and to ensure safety, only one piece of furniture is loaded per truck. Delivery drivers must load, unload, and assemble everything, therefore they should first go to the store before heading to your home.

However, the delivery drivers for the furniture should not be held responsible for a late delivery. Your delivery will depend on the availability of the furniture in your preferred store. Furniture delivery drivers adhere to a strict timetable and will most likely receive a penalty if they cause damage. Conclusively, you can anticipate that you will still receive the same courtesy and treatment as any other customer, even if tipping isn't in your budget.

The majority of delivery services also provide an insurance policy. You will sign a user agreement committing them to replacing or fixing any damaged items as quickly as feasible. If you report an accident within nine months, the delivery firm will pay all costs and hassles. This insurance policy will require you to pay for a membership or additional fee.

Should You Tip Furniture Delivery Drivers?

A Woolly Green article claims that 50% of clients provide tips to movers. For those who do, the factors that they consider are listed below:

"The workers are simultaneously trying to protect your items from damage while protecting themselves from injury." What more could a customer want after receiving a piece without a defect? At the end of the day, we all want a stress-free transaction and to be able to use the furniture we bought as soon as possible.

When Should You Tip Furniture Delivery Drivers More?

As previously noted, there will be instances where delivery drivers for furniture will be expected to do additional duties. In case you haven't come across any of these or you are currently conducting research out of curiosity and urgency, the following are a few things that clients believe merit tipping more for:

Upon reading, you may have realized that furniture delivery is a one-time job but a very complex service. On the other hand, at rare times, like any other service, we may come across a worker who acts out of character. A furniture delivery driver who is rude, behind schedule, or disrespectful of your privacy should receive a low rating and no tip.

Alternatives To Cash Tip

Let's say the delivery company that you hired has no tipping policy. You may wonder what the things are that you can do or give to show appreciation to these drivers. Below are examples of how to show appreciation to furniture delivery drivers other than giving a cash tip:

Food and drinks:

Most likely your furniture delivery drivers can’t catch a break to follow a certain schedule. Food that provides energy should be used to complete an energy-demanding task. Your drivers will feel energized and refreshed if you provide them with a snack and a drink.

Cards and Gifts:

They'll be delighted to receive a redeemable card or a gift package, especially if it's something they can bring to their family. Given that receiving gifts is more intimate, you might be prudent to inquire first. For example, giving coffee beans or alcohol.

Let them use the bathroom:

You might have figured furniture delivery drivers can't go to the bathroom throughout the course of their delivery and holding your pee is quite impossible. A simple gesture like letting them use a bathroom especially if they have another delivery right after yours will be appreciated.

Leave a positive review:

Positive reviews and testimonials posted on their website or on social media can persuade other clients to hire them as well. The finest kind of proof would be a picture or a video, so please do that!You may get more creative than just doing the common gestures mentioned above! As much as tipping is customary, there is no limit to giving. You will not likely meet them again, so treating them politely and just saying a simple "thank you" will go a long way.


Today, you might be waiting for your furniture delivery or planning to buy a certain furniture item in the future. As a customer, you are eligible to exercise your rights and let furniture delivery drivers take charge and do their job. If you have certain standards that are not met, you can opt to communicate first before complaining. Tipping is the finest method to express gratitude for the service provided if the delivery went off without a hitch despite the difficulties and adverse conditions your delivery drivers had to deal with. After all, there’s nothing more rewarding than a client making it known that they are happy with your service.

Published: 04-10-2022