Do You Tip at Hotel Check-In in Las Vegas and How Much?

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In Las Vegas, tipping is more than just a gesture of appreciation; it's a pivotal element of the service industry, especially in hotels. This article explains whether and how much to tip at Vegas hotel check-in.

In Las Vegas, it is common for guests to tip front desk staff at hotel check-in, often referred to as the "$20 trick," in hopes of receiving a room upgrade. However, tipping at check-in is not a requirement.

Tipping Customs

Tippping is customary $ 20 $ 5 - $ 20


  • Tipping at hotel check-ins in Las Vegas is customary, but not required.
  • Acknowledge good service from hotel staff with appropriate gratuities.
  • Special considerations, like room upgrades, may warrant a higher tip.

When to Tip Hotel Staff

Tipping in Las Vegas is an integral part of the service industry, especially in hotels where various staff members provide services to enhance your stay. Knowing when to tip and how much can make your experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Service Suggested Tip Amount
Check-In (exceptional service) $5 to $20
Concierge $5 to $20
Housekeeping $2 to $5 per day
Room Service 15-20% of the bill
Bellhops $1-$2 per bag
Valets $2-$5

Check-In and Concierge Services

At check-in, it's not customary to tip for receiving your room key unless the front desk clerk provides an exceptional service such as an upgrade or extensive help with your itinerary. For concierge services, however, if they assist you with reservations, tickets, or local recommendations, consider a gratuity between $5 to $20 depending on the complexity and time invested in your request.

Housekeeping and Room Service

Housekeeping staff should be tipped daily, as the personnel may change. Typically, a $2 to $5 tip per day left on the pillow or nightstand is standard. For room service, a gratuity of 15-20% is appreciated if it's not already included in the service charge on your bill.

Bellhops and Valets

Upon arrival, bellhops who help with your luggage should receive around $1-$2 per bag, particularly if your luggage is heavy or you have numerous pieces. Similarly, for valets who take care of your car, a tip of $2-$5 is customary when your car is returned to you.

Understanding Tipping in Las Vegas

When you visit Las Vegas, tipping is considered both a gesture of gratitude and a cultural expectation, especially within the service industry, including hotels and casinos.

Cultural Norms of Tipping

Tipping in Las Vegas is not just a reward for exemplary service; it's deeply embedded in the city's culture. Service employees in Las Vegas rely on tips as a significant part of their income, as it is customary for guests to tip for services received. For instance, it’s usual to tip your hotel cleaning staff, valet, and other hotel workers. The amounts can vary, but service quality often influences how much you decide to give.

Tipping at Hotels Versus Casinos

At hotels, it's standard to tip the bellhop around $2 per bag and to leave a few dollars for housekeeping each day. For a concierge providing special services, a larger tip reflecting the effort involved is appropriate. When at casinos, you're expected to tip waitresses and dealers, with suggested amounts depending on the type and duration of service. Near the gaming tables or slot machines, a small bet on behalf of the dealer is a common way to tip. Remember, although both venues appreciate tipping, the context may dictate different amounts and methods.

Tipping Amounts and Methodology

When visiting Las Vegas hotels, understanding when and how much to tip can enhance your stay. This section will help you navigate the tipping amounts and the preferred methods of tipping during your hotel check-in experience.

General Guidelines for Tipping

When it comes to tipping etiquette at Las Vegas hotels, consider tipping the front desk staff if they provide exceptional service or accommodate special requests. A typical tip for this gesture ranges between $5 and $20. This is not mandatory, but it's a nice way to show appreciation for a smooth check-in process or any extra assistance provided.

Cash Versus Other Forms of Tipping

For tipping at the hotel check-in, cash is king. It allows your tip to be received directly by the staff member who assisted you, without any delays. While some hotels may allow you to add a tip to a credit card charge, giving cash ensures the employee can benefit from your gratitude immediately, and full amounts often go directly to them rather than being potentially subject to a service fee or administrative processing.

Where Else to Tip in Vegas

When exploring Las Vegas, your experience often involves interactions with service professionals who contribute to your trip's enjoyment. These individuals typically appreciate tips as a sign of your satisfaction with their services.

Restaurants and Bars

In restaurants, it's standard to tip your server 15-20% of the pre-tax bill for good service. For exceptional service, feel free to tip above this range. At bars, you might tip a bartender $1-$2 per drink, or more if they're providing great conversation or mixing complex cocktails.

Transportation Services

For taxi drivers, a 15-20% tip is customary based on the cost of the ride. If you’re using rideshare options like Lyft, tipping through the app is convenient, and the same percentage applies. But, don't forget about shuttle drivers, particularly if they help with your luggage; a few dollars should suffice here.

Entertainment and Tour Guides

Tour guides enhance your experience by providing insights and stories you otherwise might miss. Whether they're showing you around the Strip or guiding you through a museum, a 10-15% tip of the tour cost is a thoughtful way to say thanks. For free walking tours, a tip of $5-$10 per person is generally expected, reflecting your appreciation for their time and knowledge.

Special Considerations for Tipping

When visiting Las Vegas, certain situations at hotels may require a different approach to tipping than the usual. These nuances are important to ensure you're expressing gratitude appropriately.

Tipping During Holidays and Special Events

During holidays and special events, Las Vegas hotels are bustling, and staff may go the extra mile to ensure your stay is memorable. Consider tipping more generously if you receive exceptional service, seeing as these are busier times, and a little extra can go a long way in showing your appreciation.

When Receiving Complimentary Services

If you're lucky enough to receive complimentary services, like free drinks while gambling or a room upgrade, it's a good gesture to tip. For a free drink, a $1-2 per drink tip is common, while for a room upgrade, tipping $20 or more can be a nice way to say thank you for the added luxury.

Dealing with Poor Service

Even when experiences don't meet expectations, remember that everyone has off days. If the service falls short but is not entirely unacceptable, consider tipping a reduced amount rather than omitting a tip entirely. This way, you're still adhering to the customary practice while signaling that the service didn't hit the mark.

Tipping and Gambling

In Las Vegas, tipping while gambling is a common practice to show appreciation for exceptional service and can also be a mark of good luck.

Casino Dealer Tipping

When playing table games like blackjack, roulette, or craps, it's customary to tip your dealer, especially if you're on a winning streak. A general guideline is to tip around 5-10% of your net win but use your judgment based on the service you've received and the overall experience. You can tip by placing a chip outside your betting area and clearly stating it's for the dealer.

Slot Winnings and Tipping

If you hit it big on the slots, consider tipping the attendant who pays out your jackpot. It's not a strict percentage as with table games, but a tip of $20-$50 for a substantial winning is considered generous. For sizable jackpots, tipping a couple of hundred dollars is not uncommon if the service has been excellent.

Published: 10-01-2024

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