Do You Tip the Mailman - and How Much?

Written by Jim Belt in How Much To Tip

Throughout the year, even during holidays, a mailman, also known as a "mail carrier," is expected to deliver, rain or shine! I am sure that tipping has crossed your mind, especially if you’ve received excellent service. However, the first question you should be curious about is whether it is even permissible to give cash tips as a gratuity to postal workers, such as a mailman.

In accordance with federal regulations, postal workers are prohibited from accepting cash or cash equivalents. United States citizens are only encouraged to give gifts that cost no more than $20. Postal workers earn a decent amount of income and receive great benefits from the government. After all, if municipal workers accept these tips, they could lose their jobs and pay a fine, so better try not to.

As a law-abiding citizen, you are only limited to giving a gift of less than $20. With this information, you might be wondering what type of gestures people did to show appreciation to these workers that you may be subject to following as well.

Tipping Customs

Tippping is customary $ 5 - $ 10

Below $20 gift for your mailman!

Offer him or her to use the bathroom:

Since most mailmen only go for the mailboxes and then leave, you will have less opportunities to give them this kind of gratuity. However, if they are still doing their shift, this practice will cost you nothing and will undoubtedly help them.

Holiday goodies:

You may pack or offer them goodies such as cookies or a case of beer. The holiday season is the best time to bake, drink wine, and eat dessert. Give these mailmen a chance to freshen up and take a few bites! If you have more resources, you can also give them something they can take to their family!


There are so many useful gifts on the market that cost less than $20. Most people give gifts like gloves to these mailmen during the holidays. Any gift would go a long way and be of use.


There would be no harm in giving a personal card directly to these mailmen. Holiday or not, a simple message would definitely make their day!


Whether or not you were expecting mail today, there will be times when these mailmen will just appear on your doorstep at any time of day. You may find yourself rushing to get something for them. This article is a reminder that there is no limit to what you can give, so long as it doesn’t exceed the $20 price. The very least you can do for these workers is to greet them politely when they come by, but being offered something is not what they would expect from you. There is no cash tipping, but we can always make sure to thank the mailmen for bringing us our important documents on any day of the year.

Published: 04-10-2022