Do You Tip Party Bus Drivers - and How Much?

Written by Jim Belt in How Much To Tip

When booking a party bus and hiring a party bus driver, the most crucial part is still not knowing 100% sure how the party night will go. Entrusting someone else with your fun, safety, and comfort can be skeptical. Though people already know what to expect from a party bus, you might be wondering if it's customary to tip and how much is the appropriate amount for a satisfying service. In this article, we will go over the intricate details of tipping party bus drivers.

The typical gratuity range for party bus drivers is between 10% and 20% of the total bill. Some customers tip according to the number of passengers in the bus, and they often aim for a minimum of $5 and a maximum of $10 per person. Even though the decision is subjective, it is simple if you already know what needs to be ticked off your list.

Based on our compiled research, I will provide you with simple data on tipping party bus drivers.

Tipping Customs

Tippping is customary $ 5 - $ 10
Ways of tipping Minimum Maximum
Per person $5.00 $10.00
Per total bill 10% 20%
Approximate amount based on the average rent $50 $100

Since tipping is customary, as a customer, you get to decide what seems appropriate for you and your budget. Before we go over the qualities, duties, and other ways you can show gratuity to your party bus drivers so that we can manage our expectations, we will first discuss when is the right time to tip them.

When to tip party bus drivers?

You can either hire a party bus driver through the bus rental or individually, as was previously suggested. In either case, before or after the trip may be the appropriate moment to tip your party bus driver. Consider the possibility that you might invite a few more folks over later in the evening when you party. This also entails that your party bus driver will have more work to do and more mess to clean up after. It's also advised to leave a tip before leaving if you have a set number of guests and will make sure to keep the party small. You have a better chance of receiving the VIP treatment as a result. In the end, if you feel comfortable doing so, you can leave a tip both before and after.

Other things you can do for your party bus driver to show gratuity:

Contrary to other services, it is strongly advised to provide party bus drivers cash tips. Particularly when the service is complete, you will be less likely to have nothing to offer. You may be inebriated or wasted. After their service, cash tips will be useful and enable them to buy whatever they need. But if you want to make sure to let them know they are highly appreciated, these gestures below are something that will do it:

Offer food and drink:

Driving is a demanding activity. If a meal is not provided by the client and cannot be consumed inside the bus, the party bus driver will not be permitted to take breaks for personal purposes like eating.

Follow the proper etiquette:

You are not permitted to do anything you want, despite the fact that it is a party. You cannot bring anything outdoors, particularly alcohol, in order to keep things minimal. You are expected to not make unnecessary mess or ruin any property of the bus rental.

Leave a positive review:

The best and free way to show your testimony is by posting online! Most likely, your bus rental and driver will highly appreciate it as it will attract new and more customers.

Take note: some companies already have a gratuity tip included in their bill. Make sure to recheck everything beforehand. You may not need to hand in the cash tip, especially if your party bus driver is hired with the bus rental.

What are the qualities and duties of a party bus driver?

If this is your first time, you might be anxious about your safety. This is contradictory to the very sole reason why people choose to have a party in a bus, which is spontaneity with any recreational activity from one location to another. You might be wondering if it’s possible to put aside any external factors or worries for hours in exchange for your fun.

Below are a few of the most regarded qualities and duties that people look for in a party bus driver:


When you rent a party bus, it’s either your driver is with the bus rental or hired separately. You might consider hiring someone who has a good reputation in following his or her responsibilities. Do your precautions through conducting research first or ask your friends about their previous experiences.


A driver who is respectful will definitely make everyone in the party comfortable. Though driving isn’t a transactional service all throughout, you need to hire someone who depicts professionalism with you and other people.


Other than your driver being responsible for your safety, they are also responsible for themselves. If there is someone who isn’t allowed to get a drink during the party, that must be your driver. Most importantly, they are also in charge of bringing the legal documents and permits.

Ensures your safety:

Drivers are expected to ensure your safety through barring accidents. This is done by having to check for possible technical issues and following the traffic rules under any condition.

Get to your destination on time:

The very initial way to find out if you’ll get to your destination on time and stick to the itinerary is if your party bus driver actually arrived at the initial location of time. Being on time means having everything prepared on the right schedule and have already foreseen solutions to possible roadblocks.

Do more than their job scope:

Your party bus driver may accept certain requests or even offer to. For example, someone may need to buy additional drinks and food.


The top three things that should be crossed off your list are fun, safety, and comfort! Before you hire a party bus driver, make sure you communicate or negotiate your expectations. If you hired your driver separately, it would be safer to also do a background check on your bus, as this can also affect your driver’s performance and your party. Tipping party bus drivers has been widely practiced throughout the years. They are expected to be responsible for everyone and themselves, as well as cleaning up after and accommodating your requests . People tip party drivers because it is a one-time service, yet they are paid hourly by their employees. That being the case, even the drivers themselves expect an ample tip for this type of service.

Published: 04-10-2022