How to Tip in Venice Restaurants

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When visiting Venice, understanding the local tipping etiquette at restaurants can enhance your dining experience and show appreciation for good service. This guide covers tipping etiquette at Venetian eateries. It tells you whether and how much to tip in various situations.

In Venice, tipping at restaurants is not required as a service charge (coperto) is often included in the bill. However, for good service, it is polite to leave a small tip, such as rounding up the bill or adding an extra 5-10%.

Tipping Customs

Tipping not customary


  • Tipping is viewed as a considerate gesture for exceptional service in Venice's restaurants.
  • Service charges may be included, but personal tips are appreciated for standout service.
  • Carry small cash for ease of tipping, reflecting the Italian culture of appreciation for dining service.

How Much to Tip

In Venice, restaurants and cafes often include a service charge (known as 'coperto') in your bill. Despite this, it is customary to leave a small tip if the service was satisfactory. Aim for an additional 5-10% of the total bill, especially if the service charge isn't included. For exceptional service, you may consider tipping slightly more.

When to Tip

You should tip at the end of your meal, and it's best to hand the tip directly to the server. If you're paying by credit card, you can add the tip to the total amount before processing, as not all machines allow for tipping afterward. However, cash is often preferred and can be easier for the waiter.

Budgeting for Tips

To avoid any surprises, consider your tipping budget as part of your overall travel expenses. Withdraw a sufficient amount of cash from ATMs for tips to ensure you always have small bills on hand. Keeping a separate 'tipping wallet' with small denominations can make it convenient to tip your taxi driver, hotel porters, and tour guides without fumbling for change.

Understanding Tipping in Venice

When visiting Venice, understanding local tipping customs can enhance your dining and service experiences. Here's what you need to know about gratuities in this unique city.

Tipping Etiquette in Restaurants

In many Venice restaurants, a service charge, known as servizio or coperto, is often included in your bill. This cover charge is generally between €1-€3 per person. While tipping on top of this fee isn't obligatory, if you've received exceptional service, a small tip of 5-10% of the total bill is appreciated. Remember, tips should be given in cash directly to your waiter to ensure they receive it personally.

Service Beyond Restaurants

Outside of restaurants, tipping in Venice follows a few customary practices. At hotels, you might consider tipping porters €1-€2 per bag and housekeeping staff around €1 per day. For taxi drivers, rounding up the fare is a common way of tipping. When it comes to gondoliers and water taxis, tipping is not expected but is a kind gesture for great service. The level of service dictates whether a tip is warranted.

Special Circumstances

There are instances where tipping might be more customary due to the nature of the service provided. For example, if a tour guide in Venice goes above and beyond, a tip reflecting your satisfaction would be appropriate. During a private tour, tips showcase your gratitude for personalized attention. In the case of exceptional assistance from hotel concierge staff, €5-€10 may be a suitable tip. As always, tipping in cash directly ensures the recipient fully benefits from your generosity.

Practical Tips for Tipping

When dining in Venice, it's important to familiarize yourself with the local tipping customs to ensure you're showing your appreciation appropriately without overspending.

Cultural Insights into Tipping

In Venice, your experience with dining and services is complemented by an understanding of the local tipping customs. While not obligatory, tipping is a form of appreciation for personalized service.

Local Customs and Expectations

Venetian customs around tipping are quite straightforward. Typically, a service charge may be included in your bill, particularly in restaurants. This charge, usually around 10-15%, is meant to cover the staff's service. It's not a fixed rule, but if this charge is not included, or if you receive exceptional service, leaving an extra 5% per gondola ride can be a nice gesture of gratitude. However, for locals, tipping beyond the service charge is not a common practice, and they might just round up the bill to a convenient figure.

Tipping and Venetian Lifestyle

Tipping in Venice reflects the relaxed and hospitable lifestyle of the city. It's seen as a voluntary act, not a social obligation. If you decide to tip your tour guide, bartender, or doorman, it's a thoughtful way to acknowledge their effort in enhancing your Venetian experience. A tip of around 10-15% in restaurants is satisfactory, less so for smaller services, such as a simple coffee at a bar. Remember, tipping is about the gesture, not the amount, in reflecting your satisfaction with the service rendered.

When you're outside of Venice restaurants, tipping etiquette still plays a part in showing appreciation for various services. From water taxis to hotel staff, a small gesture can enhance your experience.

Tips for Transportation Services

In Venice, water taxis and gondolas offer unique transportation experiences. For water taxis, consider tipping around €5 for a shorter journey, whereas for longer or particularly helpful rides, €10 is appreciated. For a memorable gondola ride, a tip of €5-€20 is customary, depending on the length and quality of the experience.

Hotel and Accommodation Tipping

Upon arriving at your hotel, tipping the bellboy €1-€2 per bag is a way to show gratitude. If you make use of the valet service, a tip of €5 is standard. For room service, adding 5-10% of the bill will be welcomed, especially if a servizio (service charge) is not already included on your bill.

Acknowledging Sightseeing and Tour Guides

At the end of a guided tour, be it a walking tour or a more extensive exploration, a tip is a nice way to acknowledge your guide's expertise and effort. For a walking tour, €5-€10 per person feels appropriate. If you've indulged in a full-day guided tour, a tip of €10-€20 per person reflects the depth of your appreciation for their knowledge and time.

Published: 18-01-2024

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