Should You Tip Furniture Delivery Drivers in the UK?

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If you're having furniture delivered, you may wonder whether you should tip the drivers. Especially when they'll be hauling heavy armchairs and the like. While tipping in the UK isn't customary, it is, in some circumstances, seen as good etiquette.

It is unnecessary to tip furniture delivery drivers - they will never expect a tip. However, if you do offer a tip, the delivery drivers will usually very much appreciate it. Most people seem to tip between £5-10 if they do.

So if you are tipping in the UK, how much are you supposed to tip, and in what circumstances are you supposed to tip? In this article, we'll go over all the factors that go into making this decision. We'll also go over the etiquette when it comes to furniture delivery drivers and will take a look at what furniture delivery drivers earn and what they will expect from you as a customer.

Tipping Customs

Tipping not customary

Are You Supposed to Tip UK Furniture Delivery Drivers?

When it comes to furniture delivery drivers, it can be difficult to determine whether or not tipping is the right thing to do. Some delivery drivers work very hard, so are you supposed to tip them or not?

It’s certainly not the law to tip people in the UK so you should never feel like you have to tip if you don’t want to. However, most people see tipping as good etiquette. This is especially true for places such as restaurants, bars, and food delivery drivers. However, whether or not you should tip a furniture delivery driver remains unclear. Some people will tip from the goodness of their own hearts, and others will tip simply because they’re unsure of whether they’re supposed to or not.

When it comes to furniture delivery drivers, you don’t have to tip them so many people choose not to. You won’t usually find any furniture delivery companies in the UK that encourage tipping. However, if you believe you have received exceptional service, you may really want to tip them. If that’s the case, there’s nothing to say you can’t.

When you order a furniture product that needs to be delivered, you will very often have to pay a delivery charge which covers the extra work involved with delivering such a large item. With this in mind, you have already paid extra for the delivery, so you shouldn’t have to pay extra on top of that for tips.

Many furniture delivery drivers work long hours and have to lift heavy items up and downstairs and through awkward gaps all day. With this in mind, furniture delivery drivers appreciate anything they get from their customers. Whether that be a small, generous tip or a cup of tea. However, you should never feel obliged to tip someone if you don’t want to or if you don’t have the means to do so.

How Much Do UK Furniture Delivery Drivers Make?

You may be interested to learn how much furniture delivery drivers make on average to help you determine whether or not you should tip them for doing a job for you. See the information below about how much furniture delivery drivers earn in the UK:

  • The average furniture delivery driver salary in the UK - £19,175
  • The average hourly pay rate for delivery drivers in the UK - £9.83
  • The average entry-level salary for a furniture delivery driver in the UK - £17,960
  • The average salary for highly experienced furniture delivery drivers in the UK - £29,250

As you can see, furniture drivers in the UK make a fair wage and could easily live on this wage. So with this in mind, there is no need to tip your delivery drivers to ensure they make a good wage. However, if you feel like a furniture delivery driver has provided exceptional service, you may wish to tip them simply to make yourself feel good.

Tips on Tipping in the UK

Tipping in the UK is not a huge part of the culture. While tipping is usually appreciated, it can cause some confusion if you offer tips in certain situations.

All staff in the UK are paid at least the National Minimum Wage by law. Employers in the UK must pay their employees at least the minimum wage and they are not allowed to use tips to top up wages so that they reach the minimum amount required by law. With this in mind, it’s not necessary to tip for services in the UK, however, it is appreciated in some circumstances.

Many people in the UK will tip at a restaurant if they believe they have received exceptional service. However, it is not absolutely necessary. While waiters and waitresses tend to earn a low wage, they will always make the National Minimum Wage at least.

If you are ever unsure as to whether or not you should tip in the UK or if you’re unsure of how much to tip in the UK, then you should follow this rule: A 10% tip is always appreciated for good service in the UK.

Tipping in the United Kingdom is always optional, it is not expected or required.

How Much Should You Tip in the UK?

Although you don’t always need to tip in the UK and it is never necessary, in some circumstances, people do leave a tip. The most common time people tip in the UK is when they are dining for a meal. So how do you know how much to tip in these circumstances?

There are three common methods of determining how much to tip in the UK. Follow the rules below to determine the best course of action for tipping in your circumstances:

  • Rounding up the amount – This is possibly the most common approach to tipping in the UK and is very practical when paying with cash. It basically involves rounding your bill up to the nearest pound or the nearest few pounds. So for example, if your bill was £47.85, you could pay £50 and tell your server to keep the change. Many people will usually choose to round their bill up to the nearest note as an act of goodwill.
  • Percentage of the bill – Most people will choose to give whole amounts as a tip instead of a percentage. For example, if you have £3 in change, then you will give that rather than paying exactly 10% on top of your bill. A 10% tip is seen as a generous tip and anything beyond that is unexpectedly generous and never needed.
  • A donation from each person – When you are dining with a group of friends where everyone is paying separately, you will usually each add a small amount onto the individual bills to create a group tip for the table. This means that each person at the table can determine the amount that they want to give individually.

Final Thoughts

Furniture delivery drivers tend to earn a fair wage, so it’s never necessary to tip them when you get furniture delivered to your home. However, some people may wish to tip as an act of goodwill. This will never be looked down on and most delivery drivers will be very grateful to receive a tip.

We hope this article has been helpful as we have provided information about tipping furniture delivery drivers, tipping in general in the UK, and how much you should typically tip in the United Kingdom.

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