Tipping Customs in Greek Restaurants

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When dining out in Greek restaurants, you might find yourself wondering about the appropriate approach to tipping. This guide covers tipping etiquette in Greek restaurants. It explains if and how much locals tip servers.

In Greek restaurants, tipping is not obligatory, but it is appreciated. It's common to leave a tip of 5-10% of the bill for good service. Some establishments may include a service fee, in which case additional tipping is discretionary.

Tipping Customs

Tipping not customary


  • Tipping in Greek restaurants is customary, but not obligatory, reflecting appreciation for service.
  • While not mandatory, leaving approximately 10% of the bill as a tip is generally considered polite.
  • Bolster your dining etiquette in Greece by tipping in moderation according to the level of service received.

Understanding Tipping in Greece

When visiting Greece, it's helpful to understand the local tipping customs, especially in restaurants, to show appreciation for the service you receive.

Cultural Context

Tipping in Greece reflects your satisfaction with the service provided. It's a gesture of gratitude towards your server and not obligatory. However, leaving a tip is considered polite, especially in sit-down establishments. Most Greek locals tend to leave a small amount for good service, around 5-10% of the total bill.

When to Tip

You should consider tipping after a meal at a restaurant. An acceptable tip is typically between 10% or 15% of the bill. It's common to simply round up to the nearest euro for smaller tabs or offer a more substantial amount for high-end dining experiences. Always check your bill first; if a service charge is already included, additional tipping isn't necessary.

Where to Tip

When visiting Greece, understanding tipping practices is vital, as expressing gratitude through tips is appreciated in various service industries.

Service Industry Suggested Tipping Practice
Restaurants and Tavernas Round up or add 5-10% of the total bill
Hotel Porters 1 to 2 euros per bag
Hotel Valets A few euros upon car return
Taxis Round up to the nearest euro or tip extra for great service
Bars and Cafes Round up or leave small change, if desired

Restaurants and Tavernas

In Greek restaurants and tavernas, it's common to tip waiters for good service. If you've enjoyed a delicious meal and the service has met your expectations, consider leaving a tip by rounding up the bill or adding approximately 5-10% of the total amount. Some establishments might include the tip in the bill, so it's wise to check your bill before deciding how much to leave.

Hotels and Hotel Services

Hotel services in Greece often warrant a tip for their efforts. For porters or bellboys who assist with your luggage, a euro or two per bag is customary. For valets, tipping a few euros when your car is returned is a sign of appreciation for their service.

Taxis and Transportation

When taking taxis in Greece, drivers generally do not expect tips, but it's courteous to round up the fare to the nearest euro. For exceptional service or help with heavy bags, tipping a little extra can be a kind gesture.

Bars and Cafes

Bars and cafes are more relaxed when it comes to tipping. While not mandatory, if you receive excellent service or are particularly pleased with the drinks, you can leave a small tip by rounding up or leaving small change. Tipping is less common in bars, so any amount you choose to leave is usually appreciated.

How Much to Tip

When enjoying a meal at a Greek restaurant, deciding on the amount to tip can enhance your dining experience. Showing your appreciation through tipping reflects on the service you received.

Calculating Tips

To calculate your tip, consider giving between 10% and 15% of your total bill. For instance, if your meal costs €50, a 10% tip would be €5, while 15% would be €7.50. Some restaurants might include a service fee, so inspect your bill to see if a gratuity has already been applied.

Cash vs. Card Tips

It's common to leave tips in cash even if you are paying with a credit card. Cash tips are preferred as they go directly to the staff without any potential credit card fees. However, if you find yourself without coins or bills, it's acceptable to add the tip to your card payment. Just notify the server to ensure it's distributed correctly. If the service was exceptional and you'd like to tip over the standard amount, feel free to do so with either cash or card.

Tipping Etiquette

When dining out in Greece, understanding the nuances of tipping can greatly enhance your experience, ensuring you show your appreciation appropriately.

Service Expectations

In Greek restaurants, service staff aim to provide a warm and hospitable experience. It's polite to reflect your satisfaction through tipping, usually between 10% to 15% of the bill. Check if service charge is already included; if not, a tip given in cash directly to the server is much appreciated.

Handling Tipping on Tours

Whether you’re on a private or group tour, it’s customary to tip your tour guides in Greece as a gesture of thanks for their insight and services. For group tours, consider tipping at least €2 to €5 per person per day, while more may be appropriate for private tours depending on the level of service and depth of the experience provided.

FAQs About Tipping in Greece

Is tipping customary in Greece?
Yes, while tipping isn't mandatory, it's a practiced part of the hospitality culture. At Greek tavernas, it’s common to leave a tip directly proportional to the service quality.

How much should you tip at a restaurant?
Typically, you can tip between 10% to 15% of the bill. For exceptional service, feel free to tip more as a gesture of appreciation.

Do I tip if service charge is included?
If a service charge is already included in your bill, there's no need for an additional tip. However, leaving a couple of euros on the table is a nice gesture.

Are there situations where I should not tip?
It’s uncommon to tip for non-bottled water in all-inclusive resorts, as the service is included. Use your discretion based on the level of service provided.

What about taxi services?
When using the Beat taxi app, you can tip through the app after the ride. A few euros is standard for good service.

Should I use cash or card for tips?
Cash is preferred for tips. It ensures that your server receives it directly. Plus, using Wise or similar services can help avoid high bank fees for currency conversion.

Remember, when in doubt, 10% of the total bill is a safe bet for a tip in Greece. Your acknowledgment of good service is always appreciated.

Published: 18-01-2024

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